Why wearing a better filtration face mask might become mandatory

Why wearing a better filtration face mask might become mandatory

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Recently many counties across Europe have mandated that the public be required to wear not just a cloth mask, but a better filtration face mask.

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Why the change? Cool weather, viral mutations and increasing spikes.  As the weather stays cool during which is a recipe for spread, the European union realizes that not all masks are created equal.  

Here at AirificUSA we have realized that a good mask makes a difference, hence our passion for helping to create a better mask.   We can appreciate how behavioral trends are now starting to mirror our thought process:  the quality of your mask really does matter!

We have been screaming this from the rooftops!  We think finally maybe we screamed so loud they heard us all the way in Europe!

My friend Shelly so eloquently described the concept of a bad mask in a post she wrote this morning. "Wearing an ineffective mask is like trying to trap a mosquito by using a net with holes as wide as a chain link fence.  It just doesn't always work.  It will sometimes!!  But not always."

I agree with Shelly.  It's also why I buy cars with airbags and safety systems.  It's why I buy insurance and why I look both ways before entering an intersection.  Some activities can be mitigated.  If it's simple enough for us to try to reduce our risk by wearing a good mask, I am a firm believer that we should have that option.

So whether you decide that the mask is a traditional N95, or KN95 disposable mask, or something like an Airific filtering mask,  I believe you should wear what best suits you.  If you prefer the comfortable, non-scratchy and breathable option, try Airific.  It is the option that is sustainable, and looks good all day long. 

The Airific mask has been Lab Tested by Nelson Labs out of Utah.  It has been put through a battery of tests to ensure the efficacy and the breathability. 

In addition to these tests, the Airific was also approved by the European Certifying Authorities for an approved community face mask....meaning it get's the stringent European stamp of approval. 

Want to find out for yourself?   Check out our masks and breathe easy....  Makenzie 

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