What is the Airific Cloth Filtration Mask?

What is the Airific Cloth Filtration Mask?

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My business partner Jai said:  "It will be ask if you're breathing air so fresh it's as clean as the air in the Swiss Alps."  It wasn't like any other filtration cloth mask on the market.  

I didn't believe him until I tried it myself.  Then I was sold. 

Airific Dobby

Airific Dobby


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In short there are two main variables to this mask:

The Comfort and The Science

It's the Yin and Yang of the mask world.  For anyone who has driven a high performance car, and it was the most uncomfortable ride of your life, you know what I'm talking about.

Airific is the high performance car, and at the same time, it's as comfortable as your grandmother's sedan (without the smell).

Anyhow, down to the Science behind it all:

When my business partner, Jai, was looking for the perfect solution for a filtration cloth mask almost a decade ago to combat air pollution -- and I don't mean just a little bit of smog, I'm talking about 400-500 AQI. 

Read: uninhabitable.

He needed a mask that would filter out these impurities.

India and other countries were used to dirty air.  Their population had learned that they needed to protect their lungs. 

Unfortunately it was a bit late for Jai.  He developed lung damage when he was training for a marathon in dirty air. The damage was permanent.

After much searching, he found the key.  A customized nano-filtration fabric!

What's so special about this filtration fabric?

  1. It's electro-spun.  That means that the fabric attracts respiratory particles with an electromagnetic force. 
  2. The nanofibers are miles and miles and miles long that are weaved together.  It's a similar concept to the fabric that bullet proof vests are made out of.  If you layer and layer micro threads together, you have a fabric that becomes impenetrable. 
  3. It's breathable.  Cool that its fancy and all, but really we have to wear this thing on our face!  We want it to feel invisible, and be able to breath.  In fact it's up to 8x more breathable than the mask that is labeled N95. Yes, there is a way to test this.  It's called "Air Drop".  This is basically the amount of effort needed to move the air from one place to another.  Our masks rate for a minimal level of Air Drop!
  4. It's effective.  It works.  We tested it.  We put our money where our mouth was (no pun intended) and Nelson Labs agrees that it will filter out 96% of particles.  


Jai really wanted to create a mask that made one feel like they were breathing "Swiss Alps quality air".  The Airific Cloth Filtration Mask does just this.

Personal filtration + Comfort

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