Fitted Masks are Now Recommended by the CDC

Fitted Masks are Now Recommended by the CDC

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In a recently published article, the CDC recommends that Americans wear fitted masks. 

Making the seals tighter to prevent air leakage can reduce people’s exposure by more than 95 percent in laboratory tests.

The increase in the number of Coronavirus variants, spurred the move to better the guidance.  

You have seen them, we all have seen the poor fitting masks.  Worn below the nose....  side gaps, three sizes too big, etc.   There are numerous issues about mask fit that the CDC is concerned. In the article HERE, the CDC discusses even doubling up on masks, such as using a cloth mask over a surgical masks.  The benefit is that the cloth mask should help form a better seal withs the surgical mask, and the surgical mask may have some liquid barriers.  

However wearing two and three masks has massive drawback, namely:  comfort.  The airdrop which is a fancy term for "Breathability" reduces for each bulky layer that you place on your face.  Having to wear three ear-loops?  Dreadful. The ear fatigue is real!  The moisture that is contained against your face with multiple masks can also seem unbearable. 

“I would rather people focus on finding one quality mask that meets the mark, versus trying to layer masks and create discomfort, difficulty breathing … or frustration that might lead to no mask at all,” said Saskia Popescu, an infectious-disease epidemiologist and assistant professor at George Mason University.

Airific masks are cut to fit like an N95 mask, and sized specifically for the size of a persons face. Each size from a Small to a XXL, sized for your face so no adjusting is needed.  The mask is designed to fit a human face, not a mannequin, and is flexible to stay put even as you talk, walk and move about your day.  The inner nano-filter provides protection against respiratory particles, and gives you 96% assurance that the particles moving back and forth will not go through your mask. 

Airific masks also have flexible ear loops that don't loose their elasticity and are soft around your ears.  Lastly, the nosepiece is flexible and will crimp around the nose to ensure that  fit is perfect! 

Airific Band

Airific Band


  SIZE GUIDE SMALL fits kids age 5-10 (under 4’8”)MEDIUM Youth and very small adults up to 5’3’MEDIUM+ fits most women or smaller adults up to 5’7”LARGE adult size 5’8” to 6' feetXL adults 6' feet or taller or people with wider facesXXL (coming soon!) *If...Read More


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