Triple Layered Face Mask - Why is it Important?

Triple Layered Face Mask - Why is it Important?

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The triple layered face mask is all over the news!   Some experts are even calling for putting on two or three masks.  Why now the change? 

Here at Airific we have always been adamant that three layers is what makes sense for both the mask wearer and the community. 

We consider ourselves "Practical Nerds", or otherwise, sift through the data enough to understand what is scientifically prudent, yet realizing, people have to wear these masks everyday, for 8 plus hours a day!  And science doesn't always care about comfort when trying to solve for X.   

Is it really practical to put on two and three masks every day?  Not always practical, comfortable or efficient. 

So then why the change?  Honestly, we just feel like the news is keeping up with what we have known for a while; a triple layered mask is far more protective.  

Read the data HERE

This article by the BMJ shows the studies prove that a single mask is effective to filter all but 45% of sneezing/respiratory particles.  Now remember the sneezing particles are those that are forcefully projectile'd (is that even a word?) out of the mouth at high speeds!  Your body is really trying to rid whatever is irritating you and get it as far away from you as possible!!  It's like a slingshot for viral or bacterial particles.  

When they tested the two ply masks they realized it worked even better!  up to 11% efficacy.  However, the more layers the harder and harder it was to breathe!  Can you imagine if you had to wear a mask for 8 hours that was not breathable?

Triple layered mask

Compare this mask to the three ply Airific Mask.  The Airific is often more breathable than an N95 because of it's nanofiltration inner layer.  It is reusable, and made to fit. It filters more than 96% of what goes IN and OUT of the mask.  In some of our studies it filtered up to 98%, but again we are practical nerds so we take the half way mark. 

So if you want to try this mask, we guarantee you will love it, click

Airific Strike

Airific Strike


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