Airific™ User Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Airific™,the premium particle-filtering mask to reduce exposure to airborne particulate matter.

Please note the following usability instructions and limitations:

Airific™ Masks have been laboratory tested and proven to effectively capture >96% of all nanoparticles down to 0.1 microns. While we make no medical claims or guarantees, WHO and CDC both recommend that healthy individuals wear a 3 layer mask with a media to prevent or reduce exposure to airborne contaminants.

The middle layer of the Airific™, the electro spun nanotech fibre layer, is sown into the mask, and is irreplaceable.

The same media has an expiry of four years from the date of manufacture on the mask.

Once the nanotech media is saturated with microscopic particles, you will notice a marked increase in the breathing resistance.  This is a sign that the mask should be replaced.

Only in very poor air quality or in proximity to wildfire or other natural disaster is this likely to occur in as little as three months.

If any part of the mask is damaged which impacts the fit/seal of the mask, then the mask should be discarded. Most Airific™ users replace their mask after 6 months of usage.

Do not use Airific™ Masks in oxygen-deficient or explosive atmospheres.

Do not use Airific™ Masks for chemicals, gases, vapors, oil aerosols, oil-based particles, or extremely high particulate concentrations.

Follow fitting instructions as efficacy depends on proper fitting.

Leakage will occur if facial hair passes under face seal.

Airific™ Mask does not guarantee complete protection from illness or any harmful substance.

For more information:

Airific USA LLC
7809 North Cynthia Street,
McAllen, TX 78504

Airific™ Mask User Instructions

People using a mask for respiratory protection should carefully follow these instructions:

A good seal between the mask and face is important for high efficacy.

Inspect the mask before each use and dispose of it if you notice any damage.

Consult a doctor before using the mask if you have any respiratory complaints or conditions.

When stored under ideal temperature between 0° F and 100°F, and humidity conditions under 85%, this mask may be used until the date indicated on the packaging.

Do not put a mask on a child under 3 years of age.

Replace mask when breathability becomes low.

Discard with solid waste.

Fitting Instructions

  1. Unfold the mask by holding the top with noseband up and bottom down.
  1. Place the mask over face with the bottom of the mask under your chin, and the noseband across the bridge of your nose. Place the ear loops behind your ears, and make sure there is no hair between the face and the mask.
  1. Squeeze the noseband to seal the mask on the face. Adjust for a comfortable fit. Take a few frequent deep breaths to check for air leaks.

For more information:

Airific USA LLC
7809 North Cynthia Street,
McAllen, TX 78504

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