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Engineered by Science. Made for Real Life.

Engineered by Science. Made for Real Life.

The Airific™ is the first face-cover in the world to use advanced nanotechnology to create a lightweight, breathable face-cover with a high-tech media that blocks 96% of all airborne particles from passing through (microparticles < 0.1 microns to be exact).

How it Works

The Airific has three layers of breathable fabric that will keep you protected with world-class comfort and maximum comfort.

The two outer layers are made using organic fibers for comfort and sustainability. The middle layer is composed of tiny fibers which are electrospun using nanotechnology to create a strong media which provides 96% efficiency.

Together this creates a protective barrier for you and others that is lab-tested, light weight, comfortable and safe.

Click here for the test reports.

100% Safety
100% Safety

100% Safety

  • Thumb IconInnovative technology using electrospun nanofibers.

    Nanotechnology media blocks all microparticles > 0.1 microns with an efficacy of > 96%

    Advanced protection for all nanoparticles

Maximum Comfort

  • Easy airflowEasy airflow and real breathability

    Lightweight fabric made with organic fibers

  • All day comfortAll-day comfort with maximum coverage

    Perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

Airfic Maximum Comfort
Airfic Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

  • Slyder iconContoured for the perfect fit

    Flexible nose bridge

  • Soft ear loops that feel invisible

    Lightweight fabrics, washable and reusable

  • Innovative technology Icon5 sizes to fit everyone in your family.


A face-cover that does it all

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What our customers are saying!

This one is the winner!

“I’ve tried so many face-covers but this one is the winner! It’s super lightweight and really easy to breathe in even while I’m exercising. I feel a lot safer too with such a high quality media inside it”

Highly recommend

"As a physician, safety is my highest priority. I wore this face-cover all day at work and felt so secure knowing it meets the highest quality standards. But the comfort factor was an added bonus! I wore the face-cover for 10 hours without feeling uncomfortable. I absolutely LOVE it and highly recommend it!"

My favorite mask by far!

“I’m an RN and I definitely feel more covered knowing this face-cover has nanotech media. It’s really comfortable to wear for long hours as I’m always on the move. Plus it’s fashionable. Win win!”

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